Plant Disease Control

Think preventative.

There are many ways to control diseases and pests problems before they happen. McDonald Garden Center's Garden Supplies department has many great natural, organic, and conventional products to help to prevent and protect your plants from diseases and pests.

However, your plant can suffer from bacterial, viral and fungal attacks just as we can ourselves. As with sick people, you want to identify the symptoms and treat the problem. This most obviously can be done by examining the leaves. They key to successful treatment of disease and fungal ailments is proper treatment. Bring a sample of the infected plant in to one of our professionals at any location for assistance with selecting the best product.

Ferti-lome's Liquid Systemic Fungicide is a traditional product that works on both Black Spot and Powdery Mildew as well as a number of other lawn and plant diseases.

Selection and quantity varies by location.