Houseplants bring life into a room and can even purify the air and increase humidity. At our three year round locations, we carry a full selection of both flowering and foliage houseplants. Flowering houseplants bring color and sometimes even scent into your home. Foliage plants are available for all types of light conditions and can add a touch of green to any home or office. And, you’d be surprised how some can survive on the most minimal attention.

McDonald’s assortment of indoor plants, include:

Foliage Plants - cultivated mainly for their lovely ornamental leaves. These distinctive leaves are particularly effective at catching the eye and keeping the air fresh and clean.

Flowering Plants - add another layer of enjoyment to your indoor spaces, by lending color and often scent to your living and working environments.

Succulents - easy to grow and require little maintenance since they store water in their leaves, stems and/or roots. Succulents are water-retaining plants adapted to arid climate or soil conditions.

Tropicals – are exotic plants providing tremendous color, rich diversity and sometimes a lovely aroma.

Miniatures – are smaller varieties of the real thing. These plants are perfect for miniature gardens including: terrariums, dish gardens, hanging orbs, fairy gardens and many more.

McDonald Designed Arrangements– offer a bit of floral design that can be used as a gift or special remembrance.