Containers & Pottery

Great Plants Need Great Pots

There is nothing quite as effective as adding pottery and containers to your decorating scheme, both indoors and out. Not only can you transform drab areas of your home or garden into elegant and charming focal points, but containers can be functional as well as beautiful.

Planters make it possible for anyone to experience the joy of gardening and provide the opportunity to cultivate a favorite herb, a fresh tomato and a host of other delightful and colorful plants, flowers, shrubs, and even trees no matter the space available. From a design standpoint, we suggest using planters and containers to add a focal point to a room, garden, deck or patio. They will even soften and add a splash of color to hard lines and surfaces.

With more than 20,000 pots and containers available company-wide, we offer one of the largest selections of containers in Hampton Roads. From the large, small, and everything in between, choose from a wide selection of terra-cotta, foam & fiberglass, ceramic, concrete & cast stone. Our experts make it easy to choose the right container for the right plants!

selection and quantity varies by location