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Magnificent in Bloom


The Oncidium variety of orchids are becoming very popular due to ease of growing and long lasting sprays of small, distinct flowers which often have unique color combinations and a pleasant fragrance. They typically offer stunning blooms once a year and grow very well indoors. These orchids put on quite a show with a seemingly endless array of striking color patterns!

Oncidiums are absolutely magnificent in bloom. A large, well-grown plant might send out six or even seven branched sprays of yellow flowers. The effect is very much like a cloud of buttery butterflies. Although Oncidiums are known for their yellow flowers, other varieties are available. The 'O. Sharry Baby' is sometimes called the chocolate orchid for its sprays of brownish flowers with a rich cocoa scent. Sharry Baby is spectacular in its festive splashes of maroon and white and shares a wonderful chocolate scent floating up from dozens of tiny blossoms. The flowers appear to be soft and delicate, but the petals have a firm, almost leathery feel. If you want a real showy flower, you're sure to love this week's Plant of the Week. Enjoy!

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